Hot desking' has been a term long used with business, to mean allocating desks when required, rather than on a permanent basis. However, this only meets half of the requirement with a space to sit and not a space to store. The AGILITY 'smart locker' solution now compliments the process and allows exile personal storage only when required, rather than on a permanent basis.

A range of keyless products representing value, without compromising quality. A choice of wood or metal construction niches and range of colour schemes are available, representing excellent value for money - given the robustness of build and quality of finish.

The SIMPLICITY 'smart locker' solution meets the requirements of changing work practices, deploying new technologies and creating new working environments firmly supporting a business's desire to adopt an 'agile working' strategy. Providing a secure, effective and manageable system for a business to realise significant savings of up to 50% on floor space and locker acquisition.

A fusion between functions. Bringing storage, seating and technology together to create a unique and inspiring range to enhance any agile workspace. Where before a product would only perform one task, now these tasks are merged into one seamless product, enhancing a workplace and providing more value for money than ever before.

Offering the unique blend of modular space planning footprints with the edibility of bespoke frontages, that are tailored to each customer's needs. These units can be designed to fit around elements within the building structure as well as keeping a fluid feel to the working environment.

Solving storage problems based around an executive desk or collaborative meeting space within the modern office environment. At the heart of any WORKWALL solution there are accessories that provide a versatile and efficient way to maximise the space.

On any interior design scheme within an office space colour can dramatically change the appearance and aesthetics of an office. Use ACCENT to introduce a hint of colour into your storage - ideal for zoning by floor, department or collaborative group.

A precision scope of cupboards, tambours, credenzas and lockers, offered in a variety of styles and sizes including open, doors, drawers, tambours and flipper configurations. These preconfigured storage units ship preassembled, and offer the user a practical and robust retrieval solution for any document storage.

A variety of credenzas, doublewide pedestals and lockers, provides a grounding element for the increasingly dynamic work environments of today. Scalable for small to large footprints, offered in a variety of open, closed and blended configurations, SMART+ supports a balance of accessible and secure storage solutions.

In the evolving workplace, personal storage is at a premium. Whether visiting or a permanent worker or somewhere in between, SOLO offers sensible storage solutions for your individual needs - both personal and professional.

Personal, practical and always modern SOLO+ wonder personal storage, wot a neutral aesthetic, clean design detail. key dimensional alignment, SOLO+ effortlessly integrates wot SMART and SMART+ workspaces. Crafted for various work types,focussed, shared and tea,, SOLO+ offers a cost-conscious solution to address any individual's storage needs.

Euroworkspace have created a range of sit stand desking solutions that promote the concept of being able to move around whilst still being at your desk. The electronic, height adjustable systems give the worker completes flexibility when going about their daily business. The desks have memory functions that allow multiple users to switch heights at the push of a button.

Keep your cool when the heat is on. Handcrafted and padded with superior quality, the Headlines Chair is designed with a perforated backrest for maximum body heat ventilation. It is also shaped to provide dynamic support for your back. Nothing says vibrant and vivacious better than our chairs. These chairs will stimulate and provide the much-needed energy and warmth to your workspace. Managing deadlines has never felt better with our Headlines Chairs. Every contour is calculated and shaped to reflect the size of the sitter, with easy customisation to accommodate your preference.